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Rug.Cmd is a library designed to aid the creation of console applications using .NET.

The main focus of the library is:
  1. Fast and flexible development.
  2. Usability for the end user.
  3. Integrated self documentation.
  4. Providing a concise color scheme no matter how the console is configured on the end users machine. This is provided through the use of console color themes or explicity from within your code.
  5. Allowing for multilingual applications using string resources, this includes Rug.Cmd its self.
  6. Optional formatting of exceptions for MS Visual Studio build processes.
  7. Formatting of large amounts of text for readability in the console.
  8. Also provides other commonly used helper methods.

Rug.Cmd comes with 3 examples:
  1. Argument Example: Demonstrates basic usage of the argument parser.
  2. Application Example: Demonstrates a simple application with color theme and top most error handling.
  3. Text Formatting Example: Demonstrates Text block formatting and line wrapping.

  1. Theme Designer Application, for editing console color themes.

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